The best reflective material for a DIY Softbox

So … I have a lot of softboxes and reflectors of all styles but always wanted to make a few of my own … (you know the feeling that “I can definitely improve the design”? :) )

Sourcing the materials is usually the trickiest part … :) and the hardest one for me was to find a reflective material that is strong enough, reflective enough and doesn’t weigh a lot … you know … like the material you find in the “original” softboxes …

It took me a while to overcome this snag but I managed to “convince” a seller from Ebay to get me the real thing … (I asked quite a few sellers but only one managed to find it)

The material has a width of 1.45 m and it weighs 300 grams per square meter (my order of 3m weighs 1.3 kg), it has some black fabric on one side and a reflective, “beaded“ surface on the other.

It arrived folded but it looks that the creases are not permanent so this is not an issue.

Here are some photos taken just after the parcel arrived.

Reflective material for a DIY softbox

Reflective material for a DIY softbox 1


Two reasons for this post – First and the most important: I’ve learned a lot from the people that shared their experience and this is payback time! :) Second: I did promise to the seller (as an incentive to make him search harder :D) that I am going to spread the word about his store)

So for US $15.99 you can have a 1 by 1.45 m of “original” reflective material! (free international shipping :) Alternatively you can search for “371327690665” on Ebay and the seller is oneworldonedream2010

Happy DIY-ing! :) … and share your designs! :)